Will Rogers World Airport Runway 13/31

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

MacArthur Associated Consultants, LLC (MAC) provided professional civil engineering services for Will Rogers World Airport (WRWA) to rehabilitate/reconstruct and add paved shoulders to Runway 13/31. The existing runway had asphalt pavement and asphalt overruns, without paved shoulders. The project was to replace the existing asphalt, add asphalt shoulder pavement, which included relocating the existing taxiway edge lights, underdrains, grading, phasing, pavement marking, and drainage. The runway was designed in accordance with AC 150/5300-13A CHG 1 and designed for Group V, Taxiway Design Group (TDG) 5 aircrafts including the B747-400 for geometrics. Other aircrafts were added as appropriate for pavement design, based on current and future anticipated traffic at WRWA. The project was selected as a GOLD award winner in the Commercial/Military Airports Category by the American Concrete Pavement Association Oklahoma/Arkansas Chapter.